Ensure you enter your valid MODELLER key via the BioSerf tab.

You input looks like it may be a multiple sequence alignment, please ensure it is in valid fasta format and that all sequences are the same length


  • Apr 2010: New version of PSIPRED (3.0)
  • December 2009: Added MEMSATSVM. MEMSATSVM and MEMSAT now run new unified code base
  • August 2009: Update to mGenTHREADER; pDomTHREADER and pGenTHREADER supersede mGenTHREADER
  • Mar 2008: New versions of PSIPRED (2.6) and mGenTHREADER (8.1) running. Major revision of fold library (all PDB chains with < 90% sequence identity now included).
  • Feb 2008: New server hardware and (m)GenTHREADER software updates under test.
  • May 2006: New version of MEMSAT (3.0) running. Minor cleanup of (m)GenTHREADER fold library.
  • Dec 2003: PSIPRED is now running on new server hardware. Reliability should be greatly increased.
  • Dec 2003: New queue system implemented. Output options removed and replaced with sequence filtering options.
  • Feb 2003: New site design.