The PSIPRED Protein Sequence Analysis Workbench

The PSIPRED Protein Sequence Analysis Workbench aggregates several UCL structure prediction methods into one location. Users can submit a protein sequence, perform the predictions of their choice and receive the results of the prediction via e-mail or the web.
For a summary of the available methods you can read More...

NOTE: users who need to run our methods on a large number of proteins should consider downloading our software using the menu on the left (Server Navigation -> Software Download).

Current Contributors David T. Jones, Daniel Buchan, Tim Nugent, Federico Minneci & Kevin Bryson
Previous Contributors Anna Lobley, Sean Ward, Liam J. McGuffin

For queries regarding PSIPRED:

The PSIPRED server is currently down. 16/10/2018

The service is down due to a database failure, service will be restored shortly

Ensure you enter your valid MODELLER key via the BioSerf tab.

You input looks like it may be a multiple sequence alignment, please ensure it is in valid fasta format and that all sequences are the same length

You have selected every analysis. The run time will typically be around 5 to 6 hours. You may wish to select fewer specific analyses

Metsite will only analyse one chain in the PDB file at a time

There must be at least 2 chains in your PDB file.

MakeTDB will only analyse single chain PDB files.

Memembed will only process membrane proteins.