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The Bioinformatics Group places a great deal of emphasis on developing software which is widely used by many groups and institutions. These include:

Information extraction for biological research
Improved 64-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check for Protein Sequences
Protein intrinsic disorder prediction
Folding In Lipid Membranes
Eukaryotic protein function prediction
CUDA Fragment Assembly Based Protein Structure Prediction

Job Yield Distribution Environment version 2.0

Membrane protein orientation and refinement using a knowledge-based statistical potential

Transmembrane protein structure prediction
SVM Transmembrane protein structure prediction
SVM prediction of membrane helix packing
Original PET91 substitution matrix data
Sequence filtering for low-complexity, coiled-coil and biased amino acid regions
Protein fold recognition by profile-profile threading

Accurate protein secondary structure prediction

Protein fold recognition by threading

Accurate Contact Prediction from large protein alignments

Accurate Contact and H-Bond Prediction using three different covariance methods

Packages for running PSIPRED, pGenTHREADER and DISOPRED using cloud services.

Most of these tools are also available as Web Servers.
All our software is free for academic use. Commercial users should consult EBISU for advice on licensing prior to downloading.