BioRAT Download

A search engine and information extraction tool for biological research

David Corney, David Jones and Bernard Buxton

Licence: This software is distributed solely for the purposes of academic research. It is not for commercial use. This software is made available "as is", and is not supported. Further development is ongoing. Updates will be available from this site.

Brief instructions:

  • Install the latest version of GATE from Sheffield University. Note the directory the software is installed in.
  • Install a Java run-time environment (JRE) v. 1.4 or later, if needed.
  • Download the full installation version of BioRAT (link below). This is a single zip file. Unzip it, keeping the folder names.
  • Run the BioRAT setup program. Use it to set the "GATE home directory" option.
  • To launch BioRAT go to the BioRAT directory, and start the "biorat_windows.bat" program or "" depending on your platform.
More complete instructions are available here, with the rest of the documentation. (~5Mb) Full installation version v.2.0 BioRAT.jar (~0.6Mb) Latest upgrade (core file only) v.2.0 For queries regarding BioRAT:
Page updated: August 2005